Key West weddings by Megan

About Us

Key West is a funky island with many hidden gems and locations only a local can find quickly and easily. Our intimate knowledge of the island and experience with conditions such as extreme light and heat are all assets to you. We’ve been through just about everything – hurricanes included! Our team consists of Key Wester’s Megan & Melanie and John & Hannah who bounce back and forth between Key West and NYC often.  John founded JHunter Photography in 2004 and has been a Key West resident on & off since 1990.

As Key West wedding and engagement photographers, we are constantly challenged to compete with the elements and reinvent many island venues we photograph often. Always looking for new angles or an unused romantic nook is part of the excitement that comes with every Key West wedding we shoot. Listening, paying attention and tailoring each photo collection to suit your personality is what we do. It’s your day after all!

We take the approach of an active observer, shooting from an intimate, yet unobtrusive point of view. Be yourself and have fun while we capture the memories. Our style is continuously evolving with each Key West wedding and engagement, but our attitude has remained the same as when we started. Create a relaxed environment, pay attention to detail and listen. Three simple rules of thumb that work rather well for us.

Every Key West wedding is a wonderful opportunity to travel down a new road with a bride & groom on one of the most important days of their lives. We look forward to photographing the start of your exciting journey together!

John, Hannah, Megan, Melanie